Office Painting

At New Hues Painting, we have the professional equipment, manpower, and experience to handle any scale of office painting project. When New Hues Painting takes on a commercial painting project, we ensure that our painting contractors are well prepared and have the requisite equipment and materials for the job. Our commercial office painting teams are efficient and highly experienced, and our company’s focus on courteous service and clear communication ensure that your office painting project goes smoothly. Careful and thorough surface preparation before we begin to paint is one of our highest priorities in any commercial painting endeavour in order to guarantee a high quality finish. This process includes:

  • Repairing damaged surfaces and substrates
  • Filling, sanding and smoothing rough, damaged or cracked surfaces
  • Priming necessary surfaces
  • Applying high quality finishing coats

With more than 10 years of experience, we understand the importance of dealing with a reliable and experienced commercial painting company for large-scale, and often complex, painting projects. New Hues’ commercial painters are a skilled, full-service team capable of handling commercial painting projects of any scale, ranging from retail store and restaurant painting to office painting. New Hues Painting consistently yields outstanding results, even when constrained by limited budgets and tight deadlines.

The ultimate satisfaction of our customers is our company’s number one priority! Contact the trusted professionals at New Hues Painting today for a free on-site assessment and quote on your next interior, exterior or commercial painting project.